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Effects of alcoholism in elderly people

Drinking of older adults is not an issue that may attract too much attention to family members and friends as well. This is because older adults who drink alcohol must have started drinking at a young age. However, alcohol may have a different impact on older adults as compared people. Older adults are likely to get drunk more after taking very little alcohol. Hence very little alcohol can cause the elderly to fall and fractures and can cause car accidents after consuming alcohol.

Some of the common effects of alcohol on older adults are:
Due to a long time of alcohol consumption for the older adults their old people are in the risk of developing brain damage, alcohol may also cause deterioration of the liver in older adults among other immune disorders.

Older adults may suffer from high blood pressure, ulcers and loss of memory due to consumption of alcohol for a long time. Alcohol consumption to the elderly may also make some conditions like diabetes and osteoporosis worsen due to the consumption of alcohol for long.

Alcohol consumption by older adults may make some medical operations impossible or too problematic to doctors. This is because consuming alcohol for a long time may cause a heart attack. Alcohol consumption by older people may make them suffer memory loss. Hence they become forgetful, and they look confused.

Drinking of alcohol especially by the elderly causes poor coordination of the brain and the body, poor judgment and also poor timing of the reaction time. These problems or rather the effects of alcoholism in seniors have been known to be the primary cause of traffic accidents that are caused by older adults.

Alcoholism in the elderly has also been known to ruin family relationships. This is because most older adults become violent after consuming alcohol.
Unless instructed to drink alcohol by a doctor, older adults should avoid alcoholism as their bodies are no longer strong to handle alcoholism .and if they must consume alcohol the amount consumed per day should be very little.

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